A downloadable game for Windows

An (unfortunately) incomplete game about a maid who sets out on an adventure to impress the princess. Along the way she meets some friends... who may turn out to be more than that?

Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Jump

X - Attack/Interact

C - Dash (it's in there, but you can't even unlock it sorry)

Made for Yuri Game Jam 2018.

v0.5 is playable up to the mountain areas, but there's not boss there yet. I'll be updating this throughout the year, so stay tuned! Thanks!


and a good friend who wishes to remain unnamed (so far).


AHSAMGv0.5.0.zip 5 MB


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one of the sections is just out of the jump height for the boots

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Unfortunately the game is incomplete and while I have the intended power-ups implemented, tested, and even mapped out, dashing is unobtainable through in game means, and I likely won't be updating this game for a while due to being pretty busy irl... It's likely that section is completely empty. However, if you haven't figured out wall-jumping yet, you could try that out.

Hello! Can you please add platform tags to the store page? The Itch desktop app uses those to know there's a file to be downloaded for the computer it's installed on. Thank you!


It took me a couple minutes, but I didn't realize it was a tiny checkbox haha, Sorry about that, thanks for the heads-up!